Monday, October 24, 2005

Four Days in London

Yeah, you get to hear about my life a bit. There's some reviewage, and foreshadowing coming up though.

I spent the last four days in London (Ontario), visiting my good friend Jessie. She had finally reclaimed her house after finally evicting a leftover tenant she acquired when she bought the place. You know, refuses to move, refuses to pay rent, certainly not the ideal person to be in the house. Of course, when she was finally ordered to leave, she look all the light fixtures, most of the electrical faceplates, and left a load of random crap in the basement.

Of course, this will raise instant alarm bells in most people's heads. Don't go Mike, you'll be sore for a month! It means certain doom! But I am Mike, I am not afraid! Plus it's Jessie, for whom I'd gladly undertake such labours and more, so I ventured forth. I'm back, having installed three light fixtures, five light switches, three sockets, and swapped out fuses (yes, fuses) innumberable times. Not a single electric shock, and everything works now. It's hard work, but certainly not beyond the average handiman with some good tools. Take note ladies, I'm now officially classified as "handy around the house"!

Didn't get any of my own research done. However, we probably added $5000 value to the house in the four days there, and infinitely more comfort for ourselves. Just in time to head back to Kitchener. Heh.

Also did a great deal of shopping, something London has no lacking of. Picked up two new toys for myself. First, a Linksys 802.11G router, with SpeedBooster. At Staples, probably ridiculously overpriced. Review will be coming in about a week. The other toy: my phone got unlocked! That will be my next blog post, so read on!

One quick random review for you all: the Toyota Echo. What a damned good car. I was driving around London in Jessie's Echo during my visit. Maybe it's just me, having not driven a 'new' car in quite some time, but this thing is just golden. Stops on a dime, accelerates nicely for it's class, immeasurably maneuverable, Toyota quality, and gas mileage that even hybrids can't beat. I'd get one myself, if not for the last annoying shreds of male pride tugging at my mind, nagging, prodding, demanding I get a manly car. It's the perfect car, except for the one problem to men everywhere: it is 'cute', and there is no avoiding that adjective when talking about this car.

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