Sunday, December 04, 2005


What a great idea! A movie about the software development process!

Wait... no... that's horrible!

Okay, well horrible to the average everyday movie buff. But I am certainly curious personally, and many people who just starting to work on software will likely also want to see this.

Basically, it's about a group of four interns at a company called Fog Creek Software, a New York software company headed by CEO Joel Spolsky (whose blog regarding software is fairly well-read), working on Project Aardvark., a project to create a web-based remote assistance service that would later become Fog Creek Copilot. In 12 weeks, the four interns had to take the project from design to shipping. Wow, now THAT would be one hell of a fun internship.

I want one. Damn them being sold out already!

There's a trailer. It's short.

PS. Does anyone actually read this anymore?


Anonymous said...

I read, i just don't post replies.


Michael Jarrett said...


Wait... I know like 300 million Andreas. Who be ye?

Anonymous said...

I also read... I just reply to you on MSN...

Come on, like we don't have deep discussions almost daily anyway!

- Dan

Anonymous said...

sorry! i didn't take into account the popularity of my name....possibly cause i hate it.

this would be the Andrea that is currently sleeping with the poster above :D

Michael Jarrett said...

Wow, reading my blog and sleeping with Dan at the same time? I'm impressed with:
- Your dedication to my blog.
- Your ability to multitask.