Monday, December 26, 2005


I have returned from the magical and windy land of Burlington, back to mine resting place in Kitchener. But fast a grand battle approaches, with Murphy staring straight into mine eyes, daring me to assume something may possibly go right.

So yes, this Wednesday, the movers show up. I point, they pack. In the end, I should be reduced to a suitcase, some carry-ons, and my trusty laptop. Then, I live out of a suitcase anywhere in Ontario that will take me; likely right here in Kitchener, though there's talk of a Warcraft marathon at Jae's too :D

This will continue until Monday, where I will fly out to Seattle, move into a temporary place, and start the slow grind towards a solid and stable life. I start work on Monday January 16th.

Yes, I can come to Vancouver. Maybe I can even come to see you. Maybe you can even come see me. If Microsoft ever assigns me temp housing. I will be reachable at my current cell phone number for the foreseeable future, so just call me there. I have no idea how long I'll have internet for, so don't rely on that for now.

In other news, I have had my first paper accepted, at the Engineering of Autonomic Systems Workshop 2006. I'll be presenting in Columbia, MD, somewhere in April 24-28th. I'm pretty excited about my first refereed publication ("Constructing an Autonomic Computing Infrastructure Using Cougaar"). We'll see if they dismantle my ideas in a workshop as quickly as the reviewers dismantled my flimsy excuse of a paper.

Merry Feast of the Winter Vale, and a Happy New Year!

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