Monday, December 05, 2005


I've added Google Ads to the blog. Pretty neat. Takes about a day, all told, to get going. Sign up is only a few minutes, a few hours to be approved, and another several hours if you've not already been crawled by Google, for them to index you and choose ads for you. There's a ton of different layouts you can try out, and it pastes nicely as a div onto your page.

I think all the ads are pay-per-click. No idea what the rate is. Presumably low. I'm guessing I'll never actually build up a big enough total to pay out, since nobody reads this, and those that do would never click ads. You can add specific referral bars for Firefox+Google, or for AdSense itself, which are far more lucrative, and may be a good idea.

That is all.
PS comment more.

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Anonymous said...

hmm i'll comment on this one, generally i won't comment due to the general above my headness of the topics you write about, but i'll read em and hopefully learn something....also i clicked on the google linky a few times, you'll have to give me a cut of your windfall