Sunday, January 29, 2006

Poor Harper

You know, I may not like Harper, his party, his politics, or his views on many subjects.

But damn, I just gotta feel bad for the guy, when he has complete buffoons like this one trying to associate themselves with his politics.

That article was an important reality check for me: Harper isn't that bad. In the end, no matter how much I may gripe, even the worst Canadian conservative is far better than what we'd have if a US conservative ever got their way.

So, Stephen, thanks for not sucking as bad as American conservatives.

Follow-up: Hum, he's also apparently an avid hockey fan. +1 point. Ding!


Anonymous said...

Well, so far he's not being a push over to the US (do a search for "Harper", "Wilkins", "Arctic"). However, this means that he'll send troops up to the freezing cold to watch for submarines. The funny thing is that Canada (read DRDC) sells their submarine detection technology to the US...

Anonymous said...

I for one am filled with... well... a mild sense of optimism, if only because we no longer have a liberal government.

Some fresh blood at least holds the promise of a change in the status quo, and Harper really doesn't seem that bad - indeed, comparing our conservatives to American ones only further highlights the fact that ours aren't as evil as some believe them to be.

Ah well, I'll still keep my "wait and see" attitude, but I will say I'm happy that the Liberals are gone.

- The Irishman