Friday, July 04, 2008

In Advanta

Anyone who talks to me pretty much ever, knows that a) my team moved to a new Microsoft campus, b) that it's the exact opposite direction from the old campus vs my new house, and c) that I've been uniformly skeptical about the benefits of the move.
Well, I've finished my first week in Advanta-B. Having dealt with the commute, the new building services, and my new office, I'm sold on the place. The commute thus far has been under 20 minutes (but is farther; I need to investigate some more fuel-efficient options). The cafeteria, while not yet impressive (some stations aren't open yet), is at least usable. I love my office. The building also has a better area-to-distance ratio, meaning it's a shorter walk to most offices I need to visit. Spirits are high so far.

So, I retract my complaints, and admit that Advanta is not a horrible place to work.

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