Sunday, December 20, 2009

Renton Hooters

I finally got to sample the establishment that’s too classy for Renton; the newly opened Hooters.

Great concept. A Hooters, a casino, a full bowling alley, and arcade. Any one of those four could be my evening’s entertainment, and they’ve put them all under one roof. They executed well on all four aspects. The restaurant is larger than any I’ve seen, and served by a very talented staff. The casino hosts some friendly table games and dealers for Texas Hold’em cash games (though sadly 3/6 is too rich for my blood). Bowling alley has to be 20 lanes at least. Arcade has some good shooter games. Throughout, cheap beer to be had, as much as you can drink (and cheap if you’re playing cards).

The downside: it’s a Hooters. And a casino. Not a Hooters Casino. Nobody goes to Hooters for wings (though to be fair, the boneless wings are indeed full of win), so why would you go to a Hooters Casino to be dealt cards by some middle-aged dude? My daydreams of being dealt cards by Hooters girls sitting on stools just two inches below the felt were crushed. If not for the girls that didn’t quite make the cut for the restaurant proper collecting drink orders approximately once every 18 years, you wouldn’t think it any different than any other local cardroom.

Oh well. They have Pai Gow Poker, $2 local beers, and you trade the standard $25 casino buffet for a Hooters restaurant! I can hardly complain.

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