Monday, September 06, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case 0

Xbox 360 Live Arcade download, a “prequel” to the upcoming Dead Rising 2. 400 pts gets you about four hours of play – exactly two hours each for your first playthrough and a replay to get Ending A (the ‘true’ ending) and the rest of the achievements.

It’s got all the great aspects of Dead Rising: killing zombies with just about anything you can find, exploring abandoned stores and lewting their stuff, rescuing survivors, and performing missions against the clock. But unfortunately it also retained many of the downsides of Dead Rising: frustrating durability mechanic, quirky mission triggers, and for some reason ridiculous load times despite being entirely installed on the hard drive.

If you’re curious about Dead Rising 2, this good way to find out if you’ll want to spend the $60 for the full game. If you played Dead Rising, you already know you want it. Otherwise, give it a pass.

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