Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowocalypse 2010

It’s snowing (and sticking), and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Amber is of course delighted, but I am less eager to embrace the winter months.

Snow in of itself isn’t too bad. With a bit of common sense, driving is just a test of patience. However, Seattle only gets snow every few years, which combined with a large transplant population from warmer locales means that roads can become a living nightmare to navigate. Reports already say that the main highways are filled with people chaining up and driving 20MPH; there’s been less than 1 inch of snow so far! If past snowfalls are an indicator, the next inch will result in cars being abandoned in the middle of the road en-masse, and what little bare pavement remains being littered with fragments of shattered tire chains. The side roads are worse… you’re either stuck waiting for the hordes to clear, or dodging sliding vehicles who don’t understand that you don’t stop while climbing icy hills.

So, despite the relatively light snow, I’ve hunkered down, prepared for four months of isolation. But its not so bad; a fire is burning, the poodle and Stratovarius are keeping me company while I work, and the FiOS Internet (unlike Comcrap) is still going strong. I think I may just survive.

Evening Update: apparently I was wise to avoid the hint of powder. #snOMG tells it all. Entire highways shut down by jack-knifed busses. Airplanes missing the airport. Apparently, my fellow Eastsiders just abandoned their cars en-masse! The entire transit system is slated to shut down tomorrow. Ahhh Seattle.

Morning update: Some videos.

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