Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update; FiOS TV DVR

Awhile back, I raved at the great improvement of FiOS TV. I’m still quite happy overall, but I’d like to retract my statements about the Frontier DVR. Frontier’s software still isn’t as buggy as Comcast’s on the same hardware, but it still has its share of bugs and other usability issues.

  • Series recordings seem to be spotty – some series record reliably, but others seem to never find new episodes. I am missing way too much Mythbusters!
  • When moving through recorded content, sometimes the video stream will fail to restart – frozen video stream, but audio will keep playing. You have to FF/RW to a different stopping point to get things moving again.
  • Pause/resume has some significant lag. When you ask to pause, it plays a few more seconds, pauses, then rewinds to the point you actually wanted to pause.
  • Favorites are good, but why on earth can’t you set favorites from the guide?

Certainly tolerable, but definitely not what I’d call a polished experience.

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