Saturday, July 30, 2016

Washington Primary 2016

The first time was exciting, even if largely meaningless. This time around, a mixed bag. On one hand, an extraordinary 17 Federal Senator candidates, and an amazingly diverse Lieutenant Governor's race. On the other, State Representative races were downright sparse, practically abandoned to incumbents. Then the standard assortment of non-partisan minor offices that who could possibly care about.

Patty Murray: the quintessential D.C. Democrat insider (as much as anyone from Washington State can be anyways), and practically guaranteed a Federal Senate position for the billionth time. But she voted for Trade Promotion Authority - a step towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Pretty much every other candidate, no matter their position on trade, gets to blast her on TPP. With so many independents in the race, there are options, at least at the primary stage.

Rick Larsen: incumbent since forever. Notable in that he continues to be a key driver in efforts to reform US campaign finance and overturning Citizens United. This is good.

The Lieutenant Governor's race is very diverse and contested for an essentially bureaucratic role. I'm about 95% sure that Cyrus Habib is actually Daredevil. Unfortunately, also lambasted by the previous long-time incumbent.

Perennial candidate Mike the Mover (now "Uncle Mover") is going for Federal Senate this time, and GoodSpaceGuy wants to be State Governor. Strangely, GoodSpaceGuy's statement no longer mentioning space exploration, but now focused on abolishing the minimum wage. Uncle Mover... well something to do with family values... just read it.

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