Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I've been negligent lately. I need like a Lownwulf blog version of the Slashback - covering another sweet caffeine product, round 2 with Civ4, and of course, finally review that router.

But I saw something crazy today. Google's stock (GOOG) up past $390 a share! A market cap of over one hundred BILLION DOLLARS US! Seriously. What could you buy for $100B? You could buy a cheap second-hand car for every living person in Canada. You could pay my yearly salary and benefits for over one million years.

About the only thing you couldn't do with $100B would be buy Microsoft. Their market cap is $288B. Which isn't surprizing - through control of Windows, they already have the entire world in a stranglehold. Oh yeah, and an 18 year headstart to boot! Though even so, it certainly puts Google outside the range of Microsoft to just buy out to eliminate a threat. Think, you're worth so much that Microsoft can't buy you out. Now that's rich.

But is a company whose main revenue comes from text ads really worth that much money? Who knows, but considering I started my first internships during the dot-com crash, I bet you can guess my opinion on the matter.

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