Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Aprtment Pics Up

Finally, after much delay, here are the apartment pictures I've promised everybody. They've been a long-time coming.

As you can see, my apartment is pretty sweet for a one-bedroom.

The disappointment of the day is my Canon PowerShot A610. This is the best of many many shots - it was bloody hard to get halfway decent shots of anything indoors. Eventually I found "indoor" scene automatic mode, which helped a bit. A few shots with manual mode were fun for novelty, but will take practice to do well. The above album is a mix of several types of shot.

Still, I'm getting better with this camera pretty quick, so I look forward to experimenting more when I get time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

commenting late i know, but i'm procrastinating.....
anyways your apartment looks awsome and i <3 your kitchen, it's huge for the place! only thing, i'd have stayed away from the glass tables they may look nice but they are a pain to keep clean, every little speck shows on them