Saturday, April 22, 2006

Looking for a new toy...

Sorry, I know I've not posted anything here for absolute ages. And the stuff I am posting is hella boring. But that's okay. I'll try to get something a little more relevant on here at some point. I promise something worth reading soon.

In the meantime, I'm looking to replace the Grey Blob of Dropped Calls and the Brick of Frequent Data Loss with a combined PDA/cellphone. The one that's currently on the shortlist is the HP iPaq 6315, which pretty much every review seems to indicate is an ideal device, and with the perfect set of features. However, anyone who knows how many ipaqs I've gone through probably understands full well why I don't have great trust in them anymore.

In any case, any opinions welcome. Here are my requirements (any device under consideration must have them all):
  • Must be a GSM/GPRS cellphone (for you silly North Americans who think the cell phone networks are the only ones who can sell phones, this means Rogers or Fido in Canada, or Cingular or T-Mobile in the US). You can see my rants about carriers and cell technologies here.
  • Must have bluetooth and support audio profiles so I can get a headset.
  • Must be a touchscreen with a stylus (no "Smartphones" without this, thx).
  • SD slot for music/maps storage.
  • Pocket PC compatible - should be able to run Pocket Streets and Trips.
  • Very good reliability, both as a PDA and as a cellphone

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Don't get an ipaq phone; get an XDA O2 if you don't mind no thumbboard. Good allaround phone PDA combo; my sister had one before she dropped it too many times without a case... she switched to a sony-ericsson (which isn't the choice I would have made, but meh)

I believe the third generation O2s are out already.