Monday, October 30, 2006

Retraction: The Two-Hour Vancouver Run

I've said to many people over the past year that the fabled two hour run to Vancouver is impossible. 2:30 maybe? Three hours easily, even in realistic traffic conditions. But two? No way, not without risking serious injury and death.

Lownewulf, on behalf of would like to issue a retraction.

1:40 to the border.
< 20m to the edge of Burnaby.

This is a Saturday morning run - it's not even comparable to the Friday afternoon runs. Less than HALF the time of my four hour marathon the previous weekend. And daylight no less, which is actually kinda nice.

Now, the observant will call me out, saying Burnaby is a poor man's Vancouver run! But, one must admit, if *I* can do 2hrs to Burnaby, someone with some guts could easily do Vancouver. But, just to prove my worth: TOTAL TIME - North Vancouver to Kirkland, door to door. 2:15. Yes, including the border. A mere 1:25 on the US side! That's at least as much a trek as Vancouver downtown core. So I conclude, that with a bit more confidence in speeding, one could easily approach the two hour mark.

Sadly, I doubt I'll do better, at least not without high-grade radar detection and laser jamming. And, realistically, traffic will still limit me.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to rely on the reflective properties of my DeLorean's stainless steel for avoiding laser traps ;)

Good time though!

I think I pushed it to slightly under two hours when I drove to Seattle on a wednesday afternoon, about two years ago. Threw the DeLorean in fifth, dropped the bloody hammer, and just hoped for no cops.

- The Irishman