Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Warcraft Destroys Lives... or do YOU?

hey all! Post #50! (well... 49.... one post never quite saw the light of day)

And yes, I'm alive, though you'd not know it from this blog. For those following along, my travel lockdown is nearly done! I've obtained the keys from the lawyers of Microsoft, and I'm ready to fight the final instance boss - the Archduke USCIS. If all goes well, I'll be in Vancouver by Friday, and by Monday I'll be back in the US on a newly-activated H-1B visa.

But I digress. On to my point.

An interesting article today on another blog, about the destructive soul-sucking nature of World of Warcraft. And why we still play.... often.... for hours.... DAYS... at a time.

... and already a follow-on (Slashdot makes you popular enough that you get to do followons).

This article interests me for a few reasons reasons. First, it highlights the destructively addictive nature of WoW, while highlighting the escape of one soul. It acknowledges the role of the player in the sad consequences. Finally, it brings up some interesting design questions in gameplay in general - one must ask about the things he describes in WoW, and wonder if those are the right ways to do things.

I won't rant, you can draw your own conclusions. Give it a read.

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Anonymous said...

Bottom line, you yourself are the only one to blame for your addictions. Short of being born a crack-baby or having someone point a gun at your head to force you to smoke, you can't blame anyone else.

Is warcraft addictive? Yes. Is it the game's fault? No. Perhaps its intentions, but not fault. All of us have willpower, some more than others. Chances are that those who get addicted to this game are addicted to other things as well, or would simply find an alternative addiction if this game didn't exist.

While I realize this article at least acknowledges the role of the player in the affair, I think it still puts the blame mostly on the game itself.

Warcraft is a good escape from the monotony of a student's life. Whether it's body-building for me, or warcraft, it's good to have something you can throw yourself completely into once in awhile... but I never lose sight of the fact that how much time I spend on either is a result of my choices, not some mind-controlling third party.

- The Irishman